Pet Stain & Odor Removal System.

  • Step 1.  Thorough Pre-inspection.  We use
    a powerful Black Light and a moisture probe to
    determine the extent of contamination.  
  • Step 2.  Present you with the results of our
    inspection and treatment options.  Allow
    you to choose the option that's right for you.  
    Depending on severity of contamination and
    your needs we can help you choose from a
    combination of the following treatment
    options:           1. Complete replacement of pad,
    re-sealing sub floor and deep flushing of the
    carpet; 2. Deep Flush of carpet and Pad. 3.
    Enzyme treatment.

  • Treatment option #2: Deep flush of carpet
    and pad procedure with an extremely effective
    oxidizer of urine:
Pet Urine Cleaning in Marshalltown, Ames IA,  Newton, Toledo IA, Grinnell & Tama.
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Bill, Brenda, Ray & Gloria Harris
1.  Pour perimeter of 190 degree OSR to
completely saturate            
carpet and pad.           
2.  Pour center area with 190 degree OSR.
3. Allow it to dwell for 30 minutes.  
4. Re-heat area to 240 degrees.  
5. Re-heat area a second time to 240 degrees.  
6. Extraction with "Water Claw" (a tool that
compresses and
delivers incredible vacuum
to the carpet & pad)
7. Rinse twice at 275 degrees.
8. Optional Enzyme treatment.
9. Set up drying system.
  • Treatment option #3: Enzyme treatment is
    used in addition to a deep flush in extreme
    situations.  When the urine is so widespread
    that a Deep Flush is cost prohibitive we can do
    an enzymatic treatment.  We use the very best
    enzyme on the planet.  "Enzyme's" are actually
    harmless bacteria that digest the smelly parts
    of urine, metabolize them and break them
    down into carbon dioxide and water.  It is not
    as amazingly effective as a deep flush but it is
    much cheaper if the urine is widespread.
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